What To Do When Your Creative Juices Just Aren’t Flowing

These days if your creativity is not on 10 everyday you are going to struggle to create content and was we know content is the key component to any good digital marketing strategy. What then do we do when our creativity juices feel like they have run dry?

Any person who undertakes a creative endeavor will tell you that it is completely normal to feel like all your good ideas have dried up, but rest assured they have not, they may just need a little help blossoming on some days more than others.

The good news is that there are some proven strategies you can employ to squeeze a little creativity out of those fingers and toes, even when you’re not feeling your most creative self. Here are a few of the things we like to use when we are staring at a blank white screen with no blog content coming forth from our fingers.

  1. Start with what you know. Not everything you write, record, or create needs to be groundbreaking. If today all you can muster is a few pieces of content about simple concepts, then that’s what you’ve got. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Get the content done and move on to tomorrow where your next big idea might come from.
  2. Walk away. This works surprisingly well, but it needs to be used sparingly. Walking away too often may lead to lack of consistency and that is problematic for any digital marketing strategy. Also, we’re not talking about walking away for the whole day, just to get up and get your blood circulating. Go for a walk, relax with a good book, or fix a healthy snack. Whatever you do with this one, stay away from YouTube, that is an abyss you will never come back from.
  3. Play something. If you’re into a sport, get outside and play a few games of it. If you’re more of a board game type person, grab a board game and play. Even if you like video games, pick up a controller and start gaming.
  4. Sing. We are big proponents of tossing some great music on the speaker and singing along with it to loosen up those creative juices. There is nothing that the first act of Hamilton won’t shake out of you. Trust us, we’ve tried.

Whatever you choose to do to shake up your creativity make sure you put a time limit on it. You don’t want this happy “distraction” to turn into a day long do-nothing session. Your deadlines will thank you for placing a time limit of no more then an hour on any activity you might partake in to reset your creative flow.

We all lose it sometime, but it’s never gone for good. If you find yourself staring at a screen for too long it is probably time to mix it up and get yourself thinking about anything BUT the content at hand. Once you get relaxed you will be pushing forward in no time.

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