You Should Expect More From Your Digital Marketing Agency

When you are in search of a company to handle all of your digital marketing planning you will want to consider if they have experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media management, video production, ad buying, and so much more. Anything that has to do with your digital marketing strategy they should be prepared to handle.

There are also some intangibles you should be looking for when deciding on the right team to go with. You will want to make sure your personality clicks, make sure they share your vision of your company, and ensure that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your company is successful. It’s that last point I want to focus on today.

Does your digital marketing agency go above and beyond to help you even when it has nothing to do with your Instagram presence?

We have been working with the Negg® Egg Products company for the past four years. They are a wonderful company founded by two Connecticut women who have built quite an incredible brand. When we first started working with them we were contracted to do some video production and social media content creation. We went along for a while doing that until we were asked to do more, and then more, and then more. We gladly excepted any task that they threw at us because it was all in an effort to help the company succeed.

Last week we received a call that they were going to be on Good Morning America Deals & Steals. This was GREAT news as it was nationally TV exposure for the brand and had the potential to sell thousands of egg peelers. There was only one catch, one of the owners was injured and could not help package the orders to get them out and they needed to be out within two days of the orders being placed. That’s when they asked us if we could step in and help. We couldn’t have been happier to do so.

It was a fun couple of days of being in the office (where we hadn’t met in over a year) with the two owners and a couple of other brave souls who were all there working hard to see this incredible brand succeed. In the end they sold thousands of egg peelers and they all got in the mail on time.

This is a story that plays out with a lot of our clients in one way or another over the course of our working with them. We want to see them succeed and will make every effort to make that happen.

It is very important when you’re hiring a digital marketing agency that you make sure they can do the job you’re hiring them for, of course. It is equally important that you have someone (or a team) that is going to step outside of their social media bubble to roll up their sleeves and help get the job done. If they will, hire them on the spot. If they won’t, move on until you can find the right fit for your business.

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