Welcome To The All New De Young Media Digital Marketing Blog

We are so excited to have you read and utilize the information on our new website and Connecticut digital marketing blog. One of the most powerful tools that any company has in their arsenal is to create compelling blogs that will help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will also provide value to their customers.

As we start on this wonderful journey of writing high quality content and delivering tips and tricks for you to use when creating your own content, we are so appreciative our current clients who have taken a journey to digital marketing growth through blogging with us already. Our clients, who believe in the power of SEO blogging already have been a source of inspiration and pride for our company over the last seven years.

We know that blogging helps websites grow and prosper through high quality Search Engine Optimized text that deliver traffic and new clients organically. While organic traffic may not be the fastest way to grow your customer database, it is by far the longest lasting and strongest way to do it over time.

If you are just starting out on a new blog journey you should know a couple of things;

  1. It can be frustrating. Going from writing nothing to something every day can be tedious, time consuming, and frustrating all at the same time. There will be days where you will sit and stare at a blank screen for hours and come up with nothing. Then there will be days where you can’t stop yourself from writing. The ups and downs of writing a good quality blog are real and challenging.
  2. It is rewarding. If you have trust and faith in this strategy for driving organic traffic to your website you will be rewarded with comments, shares, and even a new client or two from time to time. Consistency is the key to generating interest and feeling rewarded for your work.
  3. It is the best thing you can do for your digital marketing strategy. There are ways to get traffic to your website faster. There are ways to sell more products in a shorter amount of time. All digital marketing tactics should be on the table when you are starting out. However, over the long term of your business, when you are five years or ten years into it, you will find that the best investment you made was putting resources into a blog from day one because it will deliver clients to you consistently and effortlessly in the long run.

We are starting out on our journey of blogging today. For the past seven years we have been doing a lot of blogging for our clients, which we will continue to do, but there is no greater feeling then the first day of something new that you know will have an incredible impact on your business.

Start writing with us. Contact us for help. Just read along. We’re happy to have you in any way you want to participate in this journey.

Our blog will be filled with digital marketing strategies and tactics that you can use in your everyday business. We will also include much of this content in our weekly email newsletter. You can subscribe for that here.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!


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